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Do Cats Need Toys?

"It's better to have a cat than to fall in love" is the life attitude of modern young people. Adorable cats have become important family members in our lives, they can heal the mood, relieve anxiety and play with children.

However, cats are active and curious by nature and often destroy at home. According to statistics, cats destroy more than 464 million US dollars of goods every year. They are definitely one of the members of the professional demolition team. Therefore, cat toys are urgently needed to distract cats. To prevent the furniture and utensils at home from becoming the target of its prey.

In addition, cats are prone to depression because they stay indoors alone for a long time. According to a study from the University of Michigan, 30% of cats suffer from depression, but the severity varies. Cat toys can greatly reduce the incidence of cat depression.

Therefore, if the owner cannot accompany the cat at home for a long time, it is necessary to buy some interesting automatic cat toys for the cat. Usually, they all have technologies to attract cats such as automatic movement, hiding, and simulated vocalization. Even if you are not at home, you can accompany the cat well, consume the cat's energy, and prevent the furniture from being damaged.
Here is some automatic cat toy recommendation from KLJ shop.

KLJ Furniture Savior Smart UFO Cat Toy
Recommended:5 stars

  • Self-moving with randomly appearing & hiding feather to stimulate the cat's hunting instinct
  • Automatic switch + day and night recognition, the cat can play in the daytime and rest at night, and it will not affect the owner's sleep
  • The extra absorbent pad on the bottom also absorbs the cat's fur when moving
  • Unique UFO appearance and colorful breathing light, it’s beautiful and stylish

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KLJ Furniture Savior Smart Balance Cat Feather Toy
Recommended:5 stars

  • Self-movement & Self-obstruction avoidance, cats can enjoy chasing
  • USB charging eliminates the need to buy batteries again and again.
  • Automatically shut down after 1 hour of work, prevent cats from being overworked
  • Touch sensitive, automatically tease and accompany your cat throughout the day

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