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How To Choose The Most Suitable Dog Leash For Your Dog?

At present, there are mainly two kinds of fixing methods: Harness and collar. What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Harness:More suitable when going out far away

  • Advantages: The main stress part is on the dog’s chest, which will not strangle the dog’s neck to prevent he dog from being injured, especially when he pulling.
  • Disadvantages: weakened the owner's control of the dog and is easy to get caught in the dog's hair.

By the way,if your dog is a small dog, you can also choose a decorative one or a warm/breathable one to make your dog more stylish and comfortable.

Collar: More recommended for dogs with bad habit of pulling or disobedient.

  • Advantages: cheap, the easiest to control the dog.
  • Disadvantages: It will strangle his throat, making him suffocated and uncomfortable when him pulling.

What‘s the most recommended match when walking dog?
The most popular way of matching is Harness+Retractable dog leash and Harness+ Ordinary fixed-length leash

  • Harness+Retractable dog leash

The legendary dog walking artifact, suitable for all cats and dogs. Retractable dog leash is highly free and will not drag on the ground, most of them also has a locking function.
This retractable dog leash with Led flashlight is more safer even at night.

With the use of harness will better able to prevent dog jumping or pulling. Perfect for daily use and very easy to control your dog.

  • Harness+ Ordinary fixed-length leash
It’s cheap and light but you need to manually adjust the length according to the distance of the dog in real time. It’s more troublesome to use than a retractable rope.

Anyway, you could choose according to your pet's situation. If they are obedient, just choose a cheap one.
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