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5 Steps Massage Your Cat

We will feel tired from work, social interactions, and relationships, and cats will also feel depressed and anxious due to long-term loneliness, boredom, estrus and other situations.So we should give our cats a full range of massage and relaxation 1-2 times a week.

Just like with humans, massage stimulates the nerves, muscles, circulatory and lymphatic systems in cats too. Correct massage can increase oxygen supply and help remove toxic compounds that cause pain. It is also used to treat depression and anxiety.

First, let's play with the cat for 30 minutes to make them happy

Now we start the massage tutorial. It will be easier to understand and learn by watching the video below.
1、Play your cat's favorite relaxing music
2、Lift the cat's back for about 5-10 seconds
3、Lift the cheek,stretch the cat's side face backwards
4、Knead the chin. This is one area all cats love
5、Knead the underarms and their paws

Mike enjoyed my massage and now feels comfortable wow!! Follow our video and try it with your cat, I can guarantee that your cat will like it. Follow us @kljcattoy to learn more about cat care.