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How To Train Your Cat To Kiss You?

We all know that cats are not as easy to get close to people as dogs. They are cold, arrogant, indifferent to you and difficult to tame. But if you find the right way, you can still make your cat express love like you through gestures or signals, such as kissing you.

cat kiss you

Next, I will share some of my own experience and tips to help you tame your cat and kiss you faster.

  • Step 1: Make sure your cat is hungry. But please don’t let it be too hungry and make sure it has enough water. When cats have a strong appetite, they are easier to train and can deepen their impression.
  • Step 2: Apply the cat’s favorite canned food to your face. You can also use cream cheese, then put the cat food away to make sure your cat will not be tempted to eat that instead.
  • Step 3: Close to your cat. When it smells the scent of food, they will actively look for the food and will start licking your face after finding the food.
  • Step 4: Say the command “Kiss!” You need to give the “kiss” command while he licks. If the cat is still licking your face when the food is finished, give it another treat and say the kiss command again, you can also touch the fur and praise at the same time. This will link the reward to the “kiss” command.
  • Step 5:  Repeat step 4 several times. Gradually reduce the food on your face until they learn the “kiss” command, and use this command often to make sure the cat remembers it.

Eventually, the cat will start responding to the command and kiss without the rewards.

Hurry up and test your cat. If useful, please share my experience with more cat owners. Smart Mike have learned about it, and only takes 2 days. How about your kittens, dare to challenge Mike's record?