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How To Train Your Dog Not Pull?

As we know,it’s very dangerous when dog rushing and pulling. Like chasing cars, rushing over and biting people/other dogs, Especially large dogs,it’s easy to fall or get injured if you couldn’t hold him.

What’s the effectively way to correct the bad habit of dog pull?

Step 1: Stop and do not move forward, and then pull with both hands/step on the dog leash with your feet to restrict his movement;

Step 2: Swiftly turn to the opposite direction, and then turn back after a while. If he still pull then continue to turn in the opposite direction and repeat the action until he stops rushing. (Generally repeated about 10 times that he would not pull again)

What’s the right way to hold the dog leash?

The correct way of leashing is the key to protecting the owner and dog. Recommended 6ft leather cord based on my personal experience. When the dog pull hard you will control it more easily and does not hurt you, and the leather cord is very durable.

The right way to hold your dog:

  • Put the dog leash on the thumb of your right hand.You can quickly release your hand to prevent you from being injured when unexpected.
  • Fold the leash in your hand. Do not wrap the leash around your hand or arm. Instead, fold the leash several times and hold the folds in your hand.
  • Hold the leash with both hands. Your right hand should the end of the leash and use your to hold a section of the leash which closer to your dog.
  • Try to keep the dog walking on your left side.

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