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Welcome Oscar & Mike to Join KLJ's Family!

Hello everyone,

Today we have two new colleagues, the youngest and cutest colleague I have ever met.

I will introduce our VIP guests to you. Those are Oscar and Mike our new partners. Oscar is cool and handsome British short blue cat, Milke is a silver-graded cat that is timid and likes to be hugged,seems like a baby.

So in every products we will see a video of these cats while having fun together with the toys,so that we can easily see the cats reaction to the toys and helps for our costumers how interested is it.Now let's give them some warm welcoming and enjoy the video.

Here is Oscar's first working video, do you think he did a good job?

You can leave me a comment under the video to tell me your thoughts.

By the way, the product that Oscar and Mike experienced is a retractable fairy cat stick toy that integrates lasers, feathers, pompoms, bells, and both the rope and the stick are retractable.

Both of them like this toy very much. The product experience is 5-star.

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