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4-in-1 Dog Outdoor Bottle With Poop Cleaning Set

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This multi-functional water drinker is very portable and practical, meeting all your dog walking needs. You can feed water and food to your dog at any time, also can clean up their poops in time.

  • Segmented Design:Water bottles and food bowl divided into two parts, which can store 8.7oz water and 6.8oz food at the same time. It‘s also very easy to clean.This is definitely the best choice when walking the dog.
  • Recycle Water: Innovative automatic return design to avoid wasting water while keeping water fresh. Standing the bottle upright, the unfinished water will automatically flow back into the bottle.
  • One Button Lock/Open: Push up to lock and slide down to unlock with one hand, the operation is very simple. Built-in silicone sealing ring, it'll not leak water even 360° rotated or upside-down after after locking.
  • Popper Scooper Set: There is a portable popper scooper on the side of the bottle and is equipped with degradable poop bags, which can quickly clean up the poop anywhere. Free to get a lanyard ,you can put it on your wrist. That's very convenient and practical.