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88oz 4-fold Filter Mute Cat Drinking Fountain

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4-fold filter system to ensure that every bite of the cat is fresh water. 3 Fashionable colors and simple appearance are beautiful whether it is placed in the bedroom or the living room.

  • Keep Water Fresh: The top layer is microporous filter cotton, the middle layer is activated carbon and a layer of ion exchange resin, and the bottom layer is an independent carbon sheet. Which can effectively isolate fine hair, impurities, debris, soften water quality, remove microorganisms and other harmful substances.
  • Large capacity: It can hold 88oz of water, enough to an adult cat to drink about 10 days. If your job requires frequent travel, then this cat water dispenser must be your best choice. It is better to use with the automatic timing feeder in my store.
  • Split design: Easy to disassemble, easy to change water and clean. The visualized water level is convenient for observing the water level and adding water in time
  • Silent Water Pump: The ultra-quiet water pump below 30 decibels is not easy to be noticed even in a quiet night.